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Jewelry Repair

Sometimes there’s a need to repair a piece of jewelry. It could be that you’ve owned a particular piece of jewelry for a long time and it’s time to perform a little maintenance to protect the integrity of the jewelry piece. Or maybe there was a jewelry mishap, such as catching one of your ring prongs on a piece of fabric, or maybe your gold necklace was unfortunately pulled off while wearing, or maybe your silver bracelet was dropped on a hard surface and your diamonds fell out. We understand that accidents do happen and are quite unfortunate, but no need to worry because we can help you!

Because most people are going to find that they will eventually need some type of jewelry repair, Duvarney & Co. offers a variety of jewelry repair options. These options include re-tipping prongs, repairing and soldering gold/silver/platinum necklace chains, tightening stones, and restringing. Additionally, we offer ring sizing, adding new shanks and new heads, engraving, and soldering rings together.

We Take Great Care

Duvarney & Co. is a jewelry store that completely understands how precious your jewelry is to you and that’s why we take great care when you choose to entrust us with your most treasured pieces. We treat every single piece of jewelry brought to us with the utmost of care. If you any specific questions about jewelry modifications, be sure to come by anytime or give us a call for a free consultation!

Store Hours

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Duvarney Jewelers is a full service jeweler located in Worcester County, with two locations for your convenience: 457 Main Street, Fitchburg, Massachusetts and 7 High Street, Clinton, Massachusetts.