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Buying Gold

When it comes to Gold Buying (and Gold Selling), Duvarney &Co. is a jewelry store that has years of experience! We have been in business for more than 150 years, and have established our business as one that is highly credible. Recent years have shown that Gold Buying (and Gold Selling) is increasing in its popularity so we want you to know that we have the experience to offer you a fair and honest price for your unwanted gold, no matter what form it is currently in – rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, etc. Since we update the price we pay for your gold on a daily basis you can be sure that you’re receiving exactly what your gold is worth in any particular time period. If you currently have any gold that you never wear or no longer want, be sure to come by in order to get detailed information about our Gold Purchasing services. If you’re looking to buy gold, we have a large selection from which to choose from. Whether you are selling or buying gold, you’re going to receive the best possible value.

Types of Gold

If you are thinking about selling your gold, understanding a little about the different types of gold there are can help you comprehend the Gold Buying process a little better. Let’s start by stating that the higher the Karat rating, the more gold that jewelry piece will contain. – 24K gold contains gold that is rather soft and for that reason is mixed with other metals to strengthen its durability. – 14K gold is comprised of 14 parts gold with 10 parts base metal. Solid gold means the item is not hollow, gold-plated refers to a thin layer of gold mechanically plated to a metal base, and gold-filled means that a layer of gold (at least 10K) is mechanically bonded to a metal base.

Store Hours

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Duvarney Jewelers is a full service jeweler located in Worcester County, with two locations for your convenience: 457 Main Street, Fitchburg, Massachusetts and 7 High Street, Clinton, Massachusetts.