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Antique Jewelry

The value attached to Antique Jewelry can be quite high, which can be attributed to the time that was given to make these extraordinary pieces of jewelry. Antique Jewelry refers to jewelry that is at least 100 years old, of which most were individually handcrafted by experienced jewelers. Antique Jewelry also includes Victorian Style Jewelry, which is a style of jewelry that is quite popular nowadays due to its tie to romanticism, referring to the time period when Queen Victoria ruled England (19th century).

The exquisite nature of Antique Jewelry is one that is highly appreciated by any jewelry lover. Antique Jewelry is considered to be extremely collectible, making Antique Jewelry an extremely popular choice when it comes to buying birthday and/or anniversary gifts for that someone special.


Estate Jewelry

Estate Jewelry refers to various types of jewelry – rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more – that have been previously owned and are usually sold during an estate auction. Many jewelry collectors love to buy Estate Jewelry! This is because when a piece of Estate Jewelry is purchased, the likelihood that this particulr piece of jewelry being like no other is high. Duvarney & Co. is proud to offer many exquisite and unique pieces of Estate Jewelry that we have been fortunate enough to come across, making it well worth your while to come in and have a look!

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