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The 4 Cs


Diamonds are cut in a variety of shapes in order to bring out the beauty that is hiding inside each and every uncut diamond. The ‘beauty’ of a diamond refers to the specific way the diamond is cut so that the fire and brilliance in each uncut diamond is able to emerge, which helps to determine the value of the diamond. Once the cut is determined, the end result will be one of the following diamond shapes – Princess, Pear, Emerald, Oval, Marquise, Heart, Radiant, Asscher, Cushion – with the highly-popular Round Cut still listed as the top-selling diamond shape today.


Diamonds are placed into one of five broad categories (grades) when it comes to color, which also helps determine the value of a diamond. Most diamonds do carry a slight hint of yellow, which is determined by the Gemological Experts who carefully inspect each and every diamond in order to determine the exact extent of yellow a particular diamond has in order to give it a grade. Color grades range from Colorless (almost no color) to Near Colorless (slight color when viewed upside down against a pure white background).


The clarity of a diamond refers to any blemishes or impurities (more often referred to as inclusions) found inside the diamond. Although these inclusions are what makes every diamond unique, the less inclusions there are the higher the value of the diamond. Gemological Experts have created clarity grades in order to classify a particular diamonds clarity rating, which can assist you in making your choice.


Instead of measuring diamonds by their size, diamonds are measured by using carat weights, which also helps to determine the value of a diamond. Although a higher carat rating means a diamond is heavier and thus larger, sometimes a smaller diamond can be worth more if the cut, color, and clarity are deemed to be of a higher-quality. One carat and one-half carats are the most popular size of diamond purchased.

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